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Vietnam eVisa

e-visa to Vietnam

Apply for your eVisa to Vietnam in 3 easy steps!

Vietnam Evisa – Visa to Vietnam


What is eVisa to Vietnam?

If you want to visit Vietnam, you must process a tourist visa. Just like applying visas to other countries, it is possible to process the e-visa online. Most people prefer to proceed with a visa online since it was the fastest and easiest option to get one.

Now we will explain in detail the step-by-step process that you must follow to apply for the Vietnam e-visa.

Requirements for eVisa to Vietnam

First of all, not all application is accepted. Therefore, we suggest you apply for a visa 3 weeks before the planned admission.

Before completing the form, you must scan the main page of the data of each passport. You also need to prepare a digital photo with a white background. You also need to specify the dates of entry and exit, apart from preparing your credit card and PayPal to pay for it online.

When you are filling out the form, do it carefully. However, some people spend only half an hour to fill up the entire application form. After completing all the fields to finish the process, you must pay for the cost of the visa. This way, you will obtain a confirmation code.

The visa application can indeed take up to 3 days. However, our website mostly issues the visa the same day you apply for it.

Apply online for an eTA to Vietnam
eVisa Vietnam visa to Vietnam
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The process to apply for Vietnam tourist eVisa

Step 1

Enter our website homepage and then select the e-visa option and then in the image that says, “For Foreigners.”

Step 2

Accept the terms to be able to access the completion of the form. You must have the page of your passport digitized where the data appears as it appears in the example and a photograph without glasses.

Step 3

Fill in the form. This is where you must upload the images of the photo and passport, keep in mind that the accepted formats are.jpg.jpeg.gif and the maximum size is 1024KB.

Step 4

Check that you do not have any erroneous data before paying the cost of the visa. This is the moment that you can correct in case you were wrong in some fields. Remember that the form must be filled out in English. However, we do have the translation version. <

Step 5

Make the payment of the visa fee. In the case of the Tourism E-Visa, it is 25 USD (correct me if I am wrong). Payments are made through an online payment platform. Therefore, you must have a credit card or Paypal to proceed.

Step 6

Once you receive an email with the payment confirmation data, a reference code of your application, what follows is to wait for the second email that notifies you of the result. You can also directly access the visa website in the section of the eVisa search.

Download the visa delivered to you in a pdf file. Then, you should print it since it has a QR code that will be used by the immigration office to obtain the visa data.

What you should keep in mind when applying for the Vietnam e-visa

Besides printing the eVisa, we also recommend that you save the file in your email, in the cloud, on your mobile, or somewhere else. Therefore, anytime you need it, you can access it in case you need it again and do not have access to the internet, or the web may not be available.

The online visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days. It can be given for less time depending on the dates of entry and exit that you place on your form.

The payment of the online visa only performed by payment gateways to the time you finish the process of filling out the form. Therefore, nothing you need to pay for Visa approval on arrival.

There are 80 countries qualified to process the Vietnam online visa. However, we expect that this number is growing since Vietnam will likely open more space for foreign tourists in the upcoming years.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide helps you to proceed with the Vietnam tourist visa online. If you know someone who will find this guide useful, share this post and let us know your opinion since we love to help other travelers.