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eVisa Oman

Oman visa application

Apply for your eVisa to Oman in 3 easy steps!

Evisa Oman – Oman visa application


What is eVisa to Oman

If you are going to make a trip to Oman, you must know first of all that it is essential to apply for a visa. It is a very simple process and we can do it from home online. Here, I will explain how to do the Oman visa, the types of visas and the different ways to obtain it.

What is eVisa to Oman

First of all, you need to have A passport with a validity period of 6 months from the date of entry into the country. On this website, you will submit your scanned passport. You should scan the original passport and NOT a copy. The scanned passport must be in color. You must open the passport wide when scanning it. Make sure all information and signature are clear on the image. Therefore, it is 100% clear and readable, without glare or shadow.

You also need a color photo to upload when making the application. The photo cannot be the same as a passport. It must be new or taken at least 6 months from now, showing your current appearance.

It has to be colored to show your skin tone, show the whole face, and have a white background. The clothes should be your day-to-day shirts, not a uniform. Religious clothing is accepted as long as you do not use a cap or hat to cover your hair. If you wear prescription glasses, you must wear it in the picture. Do not wear sunglasses unless it is prescribed by a doctor, in which case. The prescription will be requested.

Most countries can do the VISA online or at the same airport (until they announce otherwise.

There are quite a few types of visas depending on the nationality and depending on the purpose of the trip. Most tourists go for less than 30 days. In case of exceeding the number of days, the fine is OMR 10 per day.

The Oman E-visa is relatively recent. It only works since June 20, 2017. Previously there was the possibility of obtaining a tourist visa for ten days. That visa no longer exists, or at least you were not given the option.

Apply online for an eVisa to Oman

Oman e-visa
evisa Oman - Application form

How To Apply For A Visa

The visa can be requested upon arrival in the country or online. To do it online, you have to access our website to apply for it. However, in 2018, Oman changed the visa rule and announced that they wanted to remove the option to do it at the airport.

The good thing is that it is cheaper to do it online. You can also make sure that you will not be denied, although there are little possibilities of it if you fill the application form with wrong information.

If you apply for a visa before going, keep in mind that in a matter of hours, we will process your visa and from that moment, until you enter the country, you can not spend more than 30 days or it will automatically be canceled.

How To Do It Online

Applying for eVisa is a really easy process and you only have to follow the following steps :

  • First of all, you have to register on the website.
  • Enter personal and passport data.
  • Upload a scanned photo and pay 5 OMR (about USD 13) by using credit card or PayPal
  • You will immediately receive a payment confirmation email and within a few hours, they will send us the approval along with a PDF that you must have printed.

Oman is not a dangerous country. Therefore, you have nothing to fear. You can rent a car and during the entire time you will be there, you will not see a single policeman down the road. We guarantee you will not have traffic or immigration problems in this regard.

What you should keep in mind is the issue of health. Oman is a country where healthcare is expensive, and to travel there, you must carry medical insurance.

Once you have arrived at the hotel after entering the country, you should spend your time for peace and relaxation. The children might want to explore the hotel grounds and we would like to treat themselves to a cool drink at one of the hotel bars.