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Evisa - Electronic visa application

What Is An E-visa?

If you are planning to travel to certain countries for less than six months, you will need to obtain an Electronic visa – E-visa. No matter how short your visit, you may not enter a country without an E-visa. That's why if you are planning to visit a country which offers electronic visas, be sure to have an E-visa or travel permit for your purpose. E-visa is a new entry requirement for visa-free countries arriving by air.

How Long Is The E-visa Valid?

E-visa usually Valid up to five years from the date of issuance after receiving E-visa application approval. It means you must enter a country within five years. Besides, it is possible to enter multiple times and the maximum stay per entry is 180 days.

What Do You Need to Apply for an E-visa?

Valid Passport

You must have a valid passport for at least three months after your visa expires. For online application purposes, you are required to scan your passport. A scanned copy of the passport information page is required.

Email Address

When applying for a visa with us, your visa will be sent via email so you must have a valid email address.

Payment Methods

Our website supports a variety of payment methods, such as credit and debit cards or Paypal. You must have a valid payment method when applying for a visa. If you have these documents ready, you can apply for a visa immediately.

The next step is to fill out the online form to apply. (The form cannot be saved, so it is important to have the documents at hand to complete the process). Then, you should pay the fee to complete the form (online with the credit or debit card). After completing the process, you will receive an email within 72 hours. Most requests are approved in minutes.

Sometimes, you will need to send some documents before your application is approved. If this happens, you will receive an email with instructions on what to do. It is important that upon receiving the confirmation, you should print it directly since it cannot be printed later.

Payment supported is by PayPal, credit, or debit card. Therefore, it is very important to have one, although it is not necessary to be the owner of one.

How Long Does It Take an E-visa Approval?

By default, E-visa approvals are made online within minutes. When our website acts as your E-visa application medium, the process is completed in about 15 minutes and you can check the approval result via email.

However, despite E-visa's simple process and fast issuance period, you may be asked to submit additional documentation if you think there is a problem with the Citizenship and Immigration Department.

In most cases, you will be asked to submit additional documents if you are concerned about long-term stay in a country, such as if you have entered a country too frequently or have had permanent residency.

E-visas are easy travel authorizations that can be applied online. Generally, no documents are required to be submitted, and you can check the results of the day after entering your personal information, travel information, passport information, etc. requested from our website. Though sometimes, you will need to send some documents before your application is approved. If this happens, you will receive instructions on what you should do on your email address.

The E-VISA is valid for up to five years or until the passport they use to request it expires, and it is recommended to do the procedure before booking your flight certain country. With this permission you can travel as many times as they want and they can stay there for up to six months.

Does My Child Also Need an E-visa?

That's right. All travelers, regardless of age, need to apply for an E-visa visa when traveling E-visa exempt country. Even if the child is registered in the parent's passport. You must complete a separate application for the child.

You can also apply for as representative of your friend/family member. However, please make sure that all the necessary documents of the applicant are well-equipped. Furthermore, you need to fill the E-visa form for each one of them.

How to apply for eVisa ?


1) Apply online

Provide the information from your passport to visa application.

2) Make an online payment

Payment Methods: MasterCard, Visa, Sofort

3) Check your e-mail address

If your payment is confirmed, your visa will be sent to your e-mail.